Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Its been a while!

Not updated the blog for a long time! so alot has happened in the last few months which seen the scoob take a back seat, so much so that the battery is fubbered!!!

Anyway, did alot car shows this year for me, started at the end of May down at JAE 2009 Silverstone as a guest of Swinton Car insurance, all expenses paid which was nice. After that show it was another invite to by one of my main sponsors Artel Motorsport at Santa pod, Jap Show 2009 which turned out to be a few days away with my finace Marion. ITs was a a real experince being at these 2 places as I don't think I'll be back there for while lol

One of my magazine features, Total Impreza asked if I would be interested to be on their stand at the biggest subaru show in the UK , The Northern Big One! along day at an OK show, its went down hill in the 7yrs its been running :0( @ more shows that I defo WILL not be back too were the SMC show at ingliston and Perth Jap show, REALLY bad with nothing to do for anyone!!!! both indoors too so had to wait until the end tragic....

SOOO, in between the shows, I decided to the do the the best thing ever! I purposed to my girlfriend Marion when we were over in Dublin (April 27th) for a few days, she said YES!!!! A week later we had even better news............ we found out that we were having a BABY!!!!! HAPPY DAYS!!! lets jump a few months to October (09) and we moved house, but no garage!!! Its taken a lot of work to get it into shape, but we are 95% there and the babies only 4 weeks aways!

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Happy days

Got a call from my main man that hes free to fix and fit more parts that where building up in the garage.

Roll on saturday morning.


Friday, 17 April 2009

2008 Part 3

A few weeks after the SMC show I get a 2 calls from 2 different magazines looking to do features!! Happy days!! Well over the moon.

Was very busy getting it all cleaned up and new bits fitted like a Flocked dash! Looks amazing is all I can say and a nice shiney Big Brake Kit - KSport 8pots.

Flocked dash fitted by my main man mechanic Wullie!

Fitted the same day s the dash, 8 pots!

The night of the 1st mag shoot and a cold one in December! Must have been the coldest night for years!! started a 7pm, got home at 2am, bloody hell it was cold!!! Icing on the cake was a an unhappy poileman at 1o'clock in the morning telling us off for parking in an pedestrian walk way!! lol

January sees the pics taken for the next magazine, this time during the day and alot warmer too. A disused warehouse on the southside of Glasgow.

Both features are still to be published, when I don't know, the sooner the better.

2008 Part 2

With the RR looking great!! I'm asked to take part in the 2008 Scottish Modified Car Show Top 50 cars which is a great honor considering its a daily driver and not a trailer queen! 1st time taking part in a show of its size.

2008 Part 1

Another year later and another style! More changes to the Rice Rocket my main sponsor supplies FMIC/full 3inch Racing Exhaust and a few other parts. My other sponsor is who supplied the Lime Green silicone hoses which look the part!

The main change ot the RR is the paint work. Decided to give it a major big change. Black roof with black A and C pillars making the car stand out from the crowd even more than it did. Fitted a new Carbon Bonnet too. Touch-ups did a great job of the paint work. Also got the Rota Subzeros alloys powdercoated Gloss black to match the new style which was done by Carrick Engineering in Prestwick

Back to 2007!

The style of the car changed and alot more JDM parts added along with some power upgrades!

Pictures from The Northern Big One ( Largest Subaru meet in the UK) 2007

Luck turning!

With the scoob not running to well the last few months, my good friend Wullie had a look at the RR!

Changed the timing belt and pulleys and gave the throttle body a good clean out and hey presto, back to the way she was running.

Looking forward tomorrow as I going to give the RR a bodywork detail!