Friday, 17 April 2009

2008 Part 3

A few weeks after the SMC show I get a 2 calls from 2 different magazines looking to do features!! Happy days!! Well over the moon.

Was very busy getting it all cleaned up and new bits fitted like a Flocked dash! Looks amazing is all I can say and a nice shiney Big Brake Kit - KSport 8pots.

Flocked dash fitted by my main man mechanic Wullie!

Fitted the same day s the dash, 8 pots!

The night of the 1st mag shoot and a cold one in December! Must have been the coldest night for years!! started a 7pm, got home at 2am, bloody hell it was cold!!! Icing on the cake was a an unhappy poileman at 1o'clock in the morning telling us off for parking in an pedestrian walk way!! lol

January sees the pics taken for the next magazine, this time during the day and alot warmer too. A disused warehouse on the southside of Glasgow.

Both features are still to be published, when I don't know, the sooner the better.

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